Ribbon magic by Artur Fisher
ARTY-1 by Artur Fisher is purely handcrafted in Latvia.

The sound is second to none, if you going for true vintage ribbon sound and love skilled handcraft.
Don´t look further.

The final assembly is performed by well trained technician, each microphone is individually tested in both laboratory and studio enviroments.

In spite of beeing one of the oldest technologies in microphone industry, ribbons are still one of the most lightweight membranes on market. Small mass means fast reaction and response to every smallest change in audio field around the transducer. As a result, You get perfect transient response which is the key to a secret of an outstanding presence effect that ribbon microphones are well known for.

Ribbons are claimed to be the most naturally sounding microphone transducer type and it is difficult to disagree once You have heart a good one in action. It can be described best as "You are there" feel. They are very smoth, flat and even sounding by their nature, but the major goal of a designer is not to spoil this natural beauty with usually unneeded sophistication.

Artur has spent years to develope the transformer, it is a toroidal transformers (as used by Royer, Coles and some other manufacturers).

- Acoustic principle: pressure-gradient
- Polar pattern: bi-directional / figure-eight
- Circuit type: passive
- Recommended load impedance: >1.500 Ohms
- Frequency response: 35 - 15.000 Hz approx.
- Output connector: 3-pin male XLR
- Dimensions: D 1.10" (28 mm), L 7.68" (195 mm)

Available for demo